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I made an account on diaspora some time ago but ever since then I have been wondering what I am supposed to do on that platform.

I’m super late. But yeah! You are definitely not alone. I’m not a memer but I tried to keep up reposting some personally picked memes from reddit. I’m not against having a bot doing that, though. You might think it’s not an authentic lemmy experience, but the upvotes and downvotes are still ours. That matters a lot I think.

I did not know about the modlog all this time. There is a comment removed with the reasons being “no call for assassinations”. But which rule is being applied here? Are we adding “no calls for violence” too?

Social democracy is not a leftist movement? Are they not welcome here?

I went there to read the rules. They sound good albeit a little vague. My main concerns are desinformation and hate speech. For desinformation its stated that you need to post sources, but what if the sources are those that very often publish fake news and people can verify that and deem it untrusted? What if the sources are generally trusted but the specific piece can be verified to be not truth? Are the posters going to be punished or those cases will be considered beyond your control? As for hate speech, the first rule tells you to be civil, which probably means people will not be disrespectful with each other, but what happens when the object of the speech is outside the dialogue? Even within my political circles i am very annoyed at attempts to dehumanize others, even when they have reasons to be angry at them. What about calls for violence? Some people want to be away from that heat, even if they acknowledge the reality of war.