• @nutomic@lemmy.ml
    36 months ago

    A single-document basic [Fediverse] interop spec, ie.

    This could be done as a “minimal profile” of a stack that contains a subset of AP [ActivityPub], AS [ActivityStreams], and Webfinger

    This would be even easier if you leave out Webfinger. To my knowledge Mastodon is the only project that requires it.

    A branding program for products that have passed the test suite

    I doubt that this can really work in an ecosystem without any central authority like the Fediverse. Whos stopping someone from putting the label on their software wrongly. Or more realistically, who will remove the label from a software which passed the test suite before, but fails after a new test was added?

    A set of web “intent buttons” for Like, Follow, Post, etc that work across sites

    There is already remote follow but the others might be useful additions.

    The next few points are rather vague and need more details to discuss properly. But its nice to see that more people are starting to think about these improvements.