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Once a vibrant community, with posts and memes galore,
Reddit was the place to be, with subs that we adore.
But then one fateful day, the news began to spread,
The API was closing down, Reddits’s end was ahead.

The moderators were the first to go, they couldn’t do their work,
Without the API, they were lost, they couldn’t fix the quirks.
The content creators followed suit, they packed their bags and left,
They said goodbye to Reddit, and we all felt quite bereft.

But little did we know, there was a shining star,
A platform on the Fediverse, called Lemmy, wasn’t far.
It had everything we needed, and more, to keep us going strong,
We found a new community, and we knew we couldn’t go wrong.

The conversations flowed, and the posts began to rise,
We shared our thoughts and feelings, with no fear of prying eyes.
The moderators were happy, they could do their job with ease,
And the content creators smiled, they had a platform to please.

So Reddit may have died, but we moved on and grew,
We found a new home on Lemmy, and we knew just what to do.
We share our love and knowledge, with others from far and wide,
And we knew that we had found, a place where we could thrive.