Does anyone know of a Fediverse / ActivityPub compatibility list I can contribute to? I’ve found lots of feature comparisons, statistics databases and so on. But I’d like to help find and squash bugs in interoperability. If someone’s already doing this I’ll add my findings there, or I can just post my notes somewhere.

    • @KelsonV@lemmy.mlOP
      35 months ago

      Hmm, that’s close, but not quite. I’m testing to find out what’s confirmed to work and not work between each pair of platforms, not what features are supported on each.

      Ex. Lemmy and GoToSocial both support following, posting, and replying, and you can do all of them from other platforms like Mastodon…but they can’t interact properly with each other yet.

      I’m collecting that sort of thing and reporting bugs to each project as I find them.

        5 months ago

        You can definitely open issues in the Lemmy repo if there are any problems federation with other platforms. To publish the results of your testing you can also simply make a post in ! or ! Doing this will be really helpful to make federation better.