Situation with Empress Hacker and the “Empress Revolution”
Since several days ago, we started to receive a big influx of users given that a famous "hacker" under the pseudonym of "Empress" migrated to Lemmy. More specifically, she migrated to our instance. We, not being aware of the implications and seeing someone that was trying to run away from Reddit because of fear of being banned, accepted both her and her community. However, things started to go weird in the moment we started to see mentions of the JK Rowling game Hogwarts Legacy and how she was working on cracking it, as well as people going here just for it. There has been recent polemic in the media about transphobic and exclusionary comments said by JK Rowling as well as deep trues about how the game was made and some content, which we want to avoid mentioning here. The fact is that, after a few days, she posted here two utterly transphobic posts directly insulting trans folks and mocking of them. This gave us red flag and we insta-banned her, still not knowing what was all this about since we have little information about her. I, personally, had a conversation in the Fediverse with a Fedi-friend which told me about some things which I saw while digging in her participation in Reddit. --- That said, in, and I hope that in any other instance, we have 0 tolerance to discrimination based on gender identity in any sense and, in this case, with humiliation included. If you come here just for that, don't expect even a warning. This will come with an insta-ban. This is not about a person learning and being gender questioning, for which even better places like LGBTQIA Wikia could serve as a good start first point, this is about transphobia itself. Related to people who came here for Empress, she is not here anymore and if you arrived here just for her or the "game", we tell you to get out of here to another place.

Mostly bugfixes. [Changelog](

Lemmy Release v0.17.0
Its been a long time coming 🥳 . Excerpt from the link: ## Major Changes ### Language Tags Content can now be tagged to indicate the language it is written in. These tags can be used to filter content, so that you only see posts in languages which you actually understand. Instances and communities can also specify which languages are allowed, and prevent posting in other languages. In the future this will also allow for integrated translation tools. ### Comment trees Lemmy has changed the way it stores comments, in order to be able to properly limit the comments shown to a maximum depth. Included are proper comment links (`/comment/id`), where you can see its children, a count of its hidden children, and a _context_ button to view its parents, or the post. ### Featured posts Admins and mods can now "feature" (this used to be called "sticky" ala reddit) posts to the top of either a community, or the top of the front page. This makes possible announcement and bulletin-type posts. Special thanks to @makotech for adding this feature. ### Federation Lemmy users can now be followed. Just visit a user profile from another platform like Mastodon, and click the follow button, then you will receive new posts and comments in the timeline. Votes are now federated as private. This prevents other platforms from showing who voted on a given post, and it also means that Lemmy now counts votes from Mastodon. This release also improves compatibility with Pleroma. If you previously had trouble interacting between Pleroma and Lemmy, give it another try. We've extracted the main federation logic into its own library, [activitypub-federation-rust]( It is open source and can be used by other projects to implement Activitypub federation, without having to reinvent the wheel. The library helps with handling HTTP signatures, sending and receiving activities, fetching remote objects and more. ### Other changes - Admins can now purge content and pictures from the database. - Mods can _distinguish_ a comment, "stickying" it to the top of a post. Useful for mod messages and announcements. - Number of new / unread comments are now shown for each post. - Lemmy now automatically embeds videos from Peertube, Youtube and other sites which provide an embed link via Opengraph attribute. - You can give your site "taglines", short markdown messages, which are shown at the top of your front page. Thanks to @makotech for adding this. - You can now report private messages. - Most settings have been moved from the config file into the database. This means they can be updated much easier, and apply immediately without a restart. - When setting up a new Lemmy instance, it doesn't create a default community anymore. Instead this needs to be done manually. - Admins can choose to receive emails for new registration applications. - An upgrade of diesel to v2.0, our rust -> postgres layer.
fedilink domain hijacked!
sorry guys, HeapOverflow is down right now, because freenom decided to disappear my domain registration... I'll try and recover it or migrate to a more reliable TLD, but It'll take some time =/ This should also serve as a warning against using sketchy TLDs

Lemmy upgrade tomorrow (or wednesday), and we’ll have a few hours of downtime.
We're getting ready to release a new version of Lemmy, which will require a database upgrade, so we'll have a few hours of downtime.

cross-posted from: > [Eternal September]( is when influx from some other (often shittier and collapsing) platform overwhelms the unique culture that existed before, and in time fully replaces it. Destroying what existed before. > > 🧠 💭 **Figure out strategies & actions in comments below .. participate!** > > For example, I introduced 2 hashtags for awareness: > > - **#AvoidEternalSeptember** Raise attention to the culture clash. > - **#DonateToFediInstances** Help admins and moderators withstand the influx and give them your support. > > We want to be gentle, welcoming to newcomers. Show them around. But also keep having the nice chattering and culture we had before, and maybe give those some extra boosts to exemplify and spread the vibes. > > Here's [a poll]( to make newcomers aware that taking Twitter culture with you on the Fediverse is just weird. > > ### Fedizens... Be strategical in how you toot to help avoid that from happening

To repost old twitter screenshots, overly recycled memes, and other things typical of the mainstream social media. Because I like lemmy more but it doesn't give me that cheap potato chip dopamine fix that reddit does and I'm probably not alone. But also I don't wanna put my shitty capitalist memes in your regular meme feeds, I wanna keep them over here in quarantine for me and my fellow degenerates.

If you’re bored join my instance askanything
The idea is to attract more users here. I could be wrong, and I know there already is ask lemmy. But here, you can ask whatever the fuck you want about anything.

Please report spam and offending content
We just had a hilarious jokester post nazi spam. If someone had reported instead of downvoted the posts in the memes sub I would have seen it earlier, since I mod there. So if you see something that obv violates the rules, please report. It makes it easier for me and others to be notified. This way fewer people have to see the bad stuff :)

The Free Stuff Community - Lemmy
I was inspired to make it by the one on Reddit.

If you are interested in asking women for their advice and so much more, then come join!

Pictures should be working smoothly now.
All the old pictures are restored from a backup, and should be working now. We've bought more hard drive space too, so we should be okay for a while.

Lemmy Release v0.16.7 - A few bug fixes
A few bug fixes: - Fix missing auth on new post refresh. ([#764]( - Change CSP rule for connect-src (websocket) to wildcard (fixes [#730]( ([#737]( - Increase default search rate limit. ([#2424]( - Rejected federated pm from blocked users (fixes [#2398]( ([#2408]( - Handle Like, Undo/Like activities from Mastodon, add tests (fixes [#2378]( ([#2380]( - Revert "Handle Like, Undo/Like activities from Mastodon, add tests (fixes [#2378]( ([#2380](" - Handle Like, Undo/Like activities from Mastodon, add tests (fixes [#2378]( ([#2380]( - Dont allow login if account is banned or deleted (fixes [#2372]( ([#2374]( - Fix panics in search_by_apub_id() (fixes [#2371]( ([#2373](

The other day I saw a comment making some claim and linking to a CIA report that confirmed it. I thought it would be really cool if we had some sort of repository with sources we find interesting, so here it is!

Reminder: Engaging in political debates is encouraged, insulting and attacking other users is not.
Insulting or attacking other users, even so much saying "fuck you", "fuck [this group of people]", "you're an idiot" or anything like that while debating IS against the rules of This goes for every political view, you DO NOT get free passes no matter if you're leftist, rightist, communist, anarchist, liberal, etc. If you're confident of your position you should be able to debate in a civil manner without cursing someone else out. I understand that debates can get heated and frustrating, hell I've debated with a good bunch of users, but you can still express that without resorting to name calling or insults. Check the modlog, we HAVE removed replies of this nature from every political view, and even if we don't say it every time, we DO keep track of both removals per user and general behaviour even if it doesn't get removed, and too many infractions WILL result in a ban. That said, it is NOT against the rules to present countering facts or opinions, or to have political opinions in general. Don't report comments for "being pro communist" or "being pro China" unless they have broken an actual rule, namely the ones about being civil. Don't attack or insult people from Lemmygrad just because they're from Lemmygrad or they're arguing for Marxism-Leninism or supporting a country you don't. If they're presenting their points in a civil manner (which had been the case for almost everyone from Lemmygrad), you can either read it and respond in kind with your questions or counterpoints, or just move on. People coming over from other instances is not brigading if they're mostly being civil, that's the whole point of federation. Things people disagree with getting down voted is also acceptable, it's not considered an attack on you if your comment has a negative score, and it doesn't even significantly affect the ranking because of the relatively low comment volumes currently on Lemmy. It's just imaginary internet points, relax.

New community: /c/tipofmytongue
I was going to ask for help with finding a site but I realized there was no community for that so I created TOMT (first time creating a community, sorry if I did something wrong). not sure how marking posts as solved would work since there are no flairs on lemmy, feel free to suggest if you have any ideas

A space to talk, discuss and shitpost about all Paradox games and Paradox in general

IMGXXXX is about finding cool, odd, funny, and interesting videos that are posted on video hosting websites. The videos originate from cameras, camcorders, and other similar video devices. Videos are often not renamed, and fall deep into the abyss of the respective website it's hosted on. Reminder this is intended to be a **SFW SUB!**

I noticed that many of the general meme groups have a lot of political posts and thought it would be good to have a community exclusively for posting non-political memes. I hope it can add some levity to everyone's scrolling!

Lemmy Release v0.16.6 - A few bug fixes
Sry for not announcing sooner.
fedilink A community for all things related to the horror genre, from big name franchises to indie works to creepypasta. Come over and be afraid with us!

Hello, recently, a user requested moderation action in a thread in the sublemmy feminism. I came a bit late to the party since i am the only moderator there. Therefore, i request assistance in moderating this sublemmy. Please send me direct messages when you are interested. Things i wish for: * trans and queer inclusive * taking racism seriously * general interest to understand what patriarchy means and how it works, with an intention to abolish patriarchy. At least curiosity in that area would be nice. * some kind of leftist/anarchist/anticapitalist * active user of lemmy --> direct message if interested.

RollenspielMonster - A German language instance for roleplayers.
Hello all, I would like to introduce our Lemmy instance, it is basically aimed at German language roleplayers and is part of my collection of free/decentralized software.

/c/shoplifting a communty about shoplifting and more in general about the reappropriation of goods by the proletariat
i hope its allowed, if not pls tell me and i will move it to another instance.

Join us to discuss, review or share the news about solo rpg's you enjoy!

New community !deepintopeertube for obscure videos
Lemmy version of r/deepintoyoutube on Reddit [!](

Hi, I created a community for the game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It's an open-source game, so would've also fit onto [!](, but I wanted a place where I can post things which will only make sense, if you've actually played DCSS. So, this is quite a niche interest. I might be shouting into the void here, but that's okay. Of course, anyone else is welcome to shout with me. :)

Vi ringrazio / Thank
Fiero di far parte di questa Comunità libera di Lemmy. Grazie per avermi accolto. I am proud to be part of this free Lemmy Community. Thanks for welcoming me.

What does a groaning lemmy sound like? Enter here and find out!

Everything except puns

/c/lemmyui - Lemmy Theming Community.
I didn't have anywhere to post my themes. so here it is. my personal dumpster fire.

## What is Lemmy? Lemmy is a self-hosted social link aggregation and discussion platform. It is completely free and open, and not controlled by any company. This means that there is no advertising, tracking, or secret algorithms. Content is organized into communities, so it is easy to subscribe to topics that you are interested in, and ignore others. Voting is used to bring the most interesting items to the top. ## Major Changes A full list of fixes is below, but this patch release includes federation compatibility and bug fixes, as well as fixing vulnerabilities in our websocket rate limiting. ## Upgrade notes Besides the addition of a [search rate limit to the lemmy.hjson](, there are no config or API changes. Follow the [Docker or Ansible upgrade instructions here.]( ## Support development We (@dessalines and @nutomic) have been working full-time on Lemmy for almost two years. This is largely thanks to support from [NLnet foundation]( If you would like to support our efforts, please consider [donating]( If you'd like to support development, and make sure that we will always be available to work full time on Lemmy, consider [donating to support its development]( We've spent hundreds of hours on Lemmy, and would like to be able to add more developers to our little open-source co-op as time goes on. ## Changes ### Lemmy Server - Federate user account deletion (fixes [#1284]( ([#2199]( - Dont federate initial upvote ([#2196]( - Add missing mod log entries for federated actions (fixes [#1489]( ([#2198]( - Make sure application questionaire is required. Fixes [#2189]( - Fix verify_mod_action check for remote admin actions ([#2190]( - Run cargo upgrade ([#2176]( - Migrate towards using page.attachment field for url (ref [#2144]( ([#2182]( - Exclude removed/deleted posts from community outbox ([#2184]( - Fetch community outbox in parallel (fixes [#2180]( ([#2181]( - Adding a ban expires update job. Fixes [#2177]( - Add email translations ([#2175]( - Add test files for Friendica federation (fixes [#2144]( ([#2167]( - Lowering search rate limit. Fixes [#2153]( ([#2154]( - Rate limit ws joins ([#2171]( - Delete unused diesel.toml file ([#2166]( - Rate limit websocket joins. ([#2165]( - Doing tests in sequential order. Fixes [#2158]( ([#2163]( - Dont log errors when rate limit is hit (fixes [#2157]( ([#2161]( - Fix rate limit check for register. Fixes [#2159]( - GNU social compatibility ([#2100]( - Consolidate and lower reqwest timeouts. Fixes [#2150]( ([#2151]( - Check that config is valid before saving ([#2152]( - Dont log error if duplicate activity is received (fixes [#2146]( ([#2148]( - WIP: Email localization (fixes [#500]( ([#2053]( - If viewed actor isnt in db, fetch it from other instance ([#2145]( - Show rate limit algorithm. Fixes [#2136]( - Adjust retry interval for sending activities ([#2141]( - Add jerboa link to readme. Fixes [#2137]( - Forbid remote URLs for avatars/banners (fixes [#1618]( ([#2132]( - Remove docker/prod unused files (fixes [#2086]( ([#2133]( - Rework error handling (fixes [#1714]( ([#2135]( - Dont allow admin to add mod to remote community ([#2129]( - Reject federated downvotes if downvotes are disabled (fixes [#2124]( ([#2128]( ### Lemmy UI - Dont allow community urls like /c/{id} (fixes [#611]( ([#612]( - Fix loading indicator on search page (fixes [#443]( ([#606]( - Upgrade deps ([#604]( - Remove auth token from error message. Fixes [#600]( ([#601]( - Fix error during new site setup ([#596]( - Differentiate between mods and admins in mod log ([#597]( - Fix comment fedilink (fixes [#594]( ([#595](

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