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We have both spoilers for comments, as well as NSFW / sensitive tags for posts. Currently its only possible to block accounts or communities. We don’t use the tag methodology (yet at least).

Its a “cultural difference”, in the same way slavery was an integral part of ancient Rome, or patriarchal attitudes are a part of many cultures. It should be crushed out of existence, and never allowed.

Yeah it’s a very weird article to me. The author tries to take a “neutral” stance, and is interested in how political, cultural and legal differences affect federated networks.

But its also very clear that they are a pedo or pedo adjacent, trying to defend it simply because loli is so disgustingly normalized in Japan.

The one thing I gained from reading it was reinforcing the idea that we should never allow porn or federate with porn instances, because it opens your site up to both pedos, and legal issues. The fediverse will evolve, instances will block or allow each other based on a ton of factors, but its not anything that will deal a critical death blow to it.

Some of these are fair, but even 4 bigger instances is better than the current model of just one, like for twitter or FB. And the trend over time also seems to be towards more decentralization, not less. A project first starts out, and has a few instances that dominate, but more people join, and not only do these first instances grow, other ones do as well.

The author also seems to forget the original intention of the net, which is to have a completely distributed system where everyone is talking to each other via network calls… IE the server is a small as an app that every computer is running. Activitypub and matrix for example are just open specs / protocols; as soon as performant apps are made that can run on a single device, this will be a reality. Eventually matrix will get there, they’ve been doing testing with dendrite running as WASM in a browser that already works. Lemmy might be there already tbh, if we didn’t rely on activitypub’s current need for domain names.

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