Adora got left in lemmygrad, and I’m now stuck in this place with ya’ll, so its just me for now.

Cats are arguably better than dogs, despite their medically proven psychosis


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Communism and this kind of ideology I always get a crowd of downvotes.

could it be that you’re just wrong?

Trolling is when someone disagrees with your opinion, and when a bunch of people do it, thats called being an “ebil hivemind”

their government or politic discussion.

So its bad when we disagree, but not when you libs do that.

just ban me, these libs have chosen me as meal of the day. Just do it. They’re insufferable. I didn’t know I would cause a problem…

I had a bit of a mood, it won’t be repeated. I’m usually much better, and far less name-throwy. The past few days have gotten away from everyone. We can see that from the like to comments ratio on almost every political post in the past few days.

I have also been personally warned by the mods, so don’t think I will be doing much insulting in the future.

I would say no, but I’m not in charge