I’m an anarchocommunist, all states are evil.

Your local herpetology guy.

Feel free to AMA about picking a pet/reptiles in general, I have a lot of recommendations for that!

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  • Is it normal that opening comments now completely refreshes the page instead of automatically loading the page semi-dynamically? if I click the comments button on beehaw the whole page doesn’t have to reload, and it’s actually faster. This seems like an annoying regression, is there a technical advantage to this?

    edit: on further analysis, it doesn’t do a full page load when you go to your username > profile

    or when you click on comments from the link, so, I think this is actually a bug.

  • Communist@lemmy.mlOPtoFediverse@lemmy.mlcould we mirror reddit?
    1 year ago

    I might be able to do it for just my favorite communities, but yeah the big 20tb issue taking weeks is a dealbreaker for one person doing ALL of it.

    But if there was a way to make it easy to mirror a subreddit for an individual who owns a lemmy community… then maybe we could get something to work.