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Thank you! :)

Here is the RABM subreddit and the Antifascist Black Metal Network channel on YouTube

Much to the contrary, see it as a counter-movement to that scene. Most of the bands associated with the RABM scene are fed up with the perception that Black Metal is a genre where only shitty people prevail. You will see more anarchists composing the scene though, but the main idea is standing against racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. It is not a huge movement, but this is why it is needed to bring visibility and support to these bands, mostly because they also support causes related to fights against corporations, injustice and so on.

There is a RABM community on Reddit that definitely contains more info about this, and some of the members have even engaged into investigating more about most of the bands and even creating lists pointing to sketchy stuff. Besides that, another place I use as a reference to find this band is the Antifascist Black Metal Network on YouTube. The person in charge of it is very strict on posting bands there.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

RABM means Red and Anarchist Black Metal, but it is not only related to it, but also can include crust and dungeon synth. he idea of this community is to present some of the radical left-wing extreme bands available. I hope you can enjoy this community and contribute with it.