This should help us cut down on the trolls. We recommend other instances do the same, because they will likely be targeted also.

I apologize for all their gore-posts as well, no one should have to see that. We’ll try to look for more admins from different time-zones as well to get them faster.

The two other possibilities we have currently as options, are turning on required email verification, and as a last resort, closing signups. I personally would rather not do either, but they are options.

Many thanks to and for banning those trolls.

    2 years ago

    Must haves:

    • To check by you if my history is enough
    • I connect to three times a day at minimum to read mostly.
    • Yes, I have. I use to try to even promote Lemmy here but it is difficult given the main focus in English content (by now).
    • To check too.
    • No


    • To check as I don’t track myself on that since recently.
    • I think I can say that I did and do.
    • No, never thought on applying until now. I was not sure if I could hold the responsibility.
    • I am not in Lemmy Official Matrix room(s), I only helped to mount the unofficial spanish one ( ) and my Matrix account is
    • A little but my account is

    Timezone: one less than Nutomic’s one

    Languages: Spanish and English (not native, B1 certified)