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Unfortunately, most step-by-step tutorials assume knowledge of many basic things, which are not always even mentioned. For example, recently one of the users tried to explain to me that you just need to use the command "docker build -t lemmy-ui. " and etc., but there is a funny problem: I didn’t even understand where (in which environment or in which program) I can use it, and where I can’t. And also what to do after.

And so everything turns into collecting a million needles in a haystack. Of course, I understand that this is an integral part of learning everything related to programming. But often life works in such a way that one person, a professional in his field, can spend 4 hours of his time, saving 400 hours for 100 beginners. At the same time, without such help from a professional, probably 95% of potential active users and novice developers can simply get stuck and abandon their interest.

In this case, your project will remain only for Linux geeks :(

Plz make video guide “how to edit the UI, make a docker image and deploy it to the cloud server.” It’s just unbearable. I’ve been fucking with this shit for the second week, I already hate this shit.

I’m trying to do a redesign with a new CSS style, but I ran into the problem that the preview images of the post are loaded as a size of about 256 by 256, this ruins all my plans.

I would also like to add some small excerpts under the title of the post.

By the way, maybe you already have ready-made developments or at least advice on where I can find the main page file?

Please write down the full guide on how I can edit CSS and html (if possible). I’m a designer and I don’t know much about Linux, but I really want to use your product.